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About Us

ATLAS INVESTIGATIONS, INC. assists individuals, corporations, law firms, insurance companies and government agencies. Our focus is to provide investigation in various areas such as business, litigation, insurance cases, background surveillance and much more. We are deeply passionate about achieving the best results for our clients. We offer the most thorough, cost effective research and reliable, trustworthy service, while maintaining our commitment to our clients, putting their best interest and confidentiality first.

Our advanced computer capabilities search numerous databases in all fifty states for records including, civil and criminal history, trial litigation, motor vehicle and boat registrations and social security searches, among others. We can assist you in locating missing persons, former employees, business associates and other potential critical witnesses.

As a particular case reaches the trial calendar, we can provide the in-court services you may require. This may entail scheduling and rescheduling of witnesses, performing background searches of witnesses, as well as identifying and obtaining experts who testify on particular specialties. We also provide for the transportation of witnesses to ensure their appearance.

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